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【愛宕塚古墳】( Atagozuka-kofun) 生駒山西麓部で、横穴式石室をもつ最大のホタテ貝式古墳とも言われている。標高70mの見晴らしのいい高台にある。開口部は南向き。円憤経は22.5m、墳高は9mで、古墳時代後期(6-7世紀)の築造と考えられている。横穴式石室(右片袖式 全長 16.8m、玄室高4.1m)は府下最大級の規模。

It is also called the largest Scallop-shaped ancient tomb having a horizontal stonen chamber at the western foot of Mt. Ikoma. It is located at top of a hill and oped to the south. Its diameter is 22.5m and height is 9m. It is thought that Atagozuka-kofun was constructed late in the Tumulus period(6-7 century). The horizontal stone chamber of Atagozuka, which is Katasode-shiki,total length of 16.8m and height of 4.1m is the largest in Osaka prefecture. "Katasode-shiki"; if the passage is located toward right side or left side, it is called Katasode-shiki.

【愛宕塚古墳】 (Atagozuka-kofun) ① / 高安千塚古墳群