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【阪本研究所】 SK laboratory 代表 Kazuyoshi Sakamoto                                   


【国際売買契約書作成】 Trade support of Import & Export / Making business contract (3) PURCHASE CONTRACT(買契約書)「買契約書裏面約款」

     PURCHASE CONTRACT (買契約書)の解説 「買契約書裏面約款」






1. Shipment or Delivery
The obligations of Seller to ship or deliver the goods specified on the face of this Contract (“Goods”) punctually by the time or written the period specified on the face of this Contract is of the essence of this Contract.

2. Vessel
If, under the terms of this Contract, Seller is to secure or arrange for the vessel’s space, Seller shall ship the Goods on first class steamer(s) and/or motor vessel(s) owned and/or operated by carrier(s) of good international repute and financial standing and of a type normally used for the transports of goods of the same type as the Goods.
The Goods shall be shipped by way of usual shipping routes without any deviation and vessel(s) adequately seaworthy and suitable for uninterrupted passage to the berth at the port of destination. Immediately after the completion of the loading of the Goods, Seller shall e-mail or facsimile to Buyer a notice of shipment or delivery, showing the number of this Contract, name of the vessel, the port of shipment or delivery, a description of the Goods and packing, the quantity loaded, the invoice amount and other essential particulars.

3. Price
The price specified on the face of this Contract shall be firm and final and shall not be subject to any adjustment for any reason whatsoever.

4. Charges
All case, export duties, fees, banking charges and/or other charges attributable to the Goods, containers and/or documents (including but not limited to certificates of origin in the country of shipment or delivery) shall be borne and paid by Seller.

5. Force Majeure
If the performance by Buyer of its obligations hereunder is directly or indirectly affected or prevented by force majeure, including nut not limited to Acts of God, fire, war declared or not or serious threat of the same, civil commotion, strike or other labor dispute, governmental order or regulation or any other causes beyond the reasonable control of Buyer or Buyer’s customer(s), Buyer shall not be liable for loss of damage or failure or delay in performing its obligations hereunder and may, at its sole discretion, terminate this Contract or any portion thereof.

6. Default
In case of (i) Seller’s failure to perform any provision of this Contract or breach of any express or implied terms, conditions or warranties contained herein; (ii) Seller’s inability to pay its debts generally as they become due; (iii) Seller’s bankruptcy or liquidator of Seller or of any material part of Seller’s assets or properties (“Events of Default”), Buyer may, at its sole discretion, (i) terminate this Contract or any part thereof; (ii) reject the Goods; (iii) dispose of the Goods for the account of Seller at a time and price which Buyer deems reasonable, and (iv) purchase elsewhere and charge Seller with any resulting loss of damages, and Seller shall reimburse Buyer for all loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from such Event of Default, including but not limited to any costs and expenses such as dead freight, loss of profit obtainable from resale by Buyer of the Goods and damage caused to any customer purchasing the Goods from Buyer.

7. Warranty
Seller shall convey to Buyer good and merchantable title to the Goods free of any encumbrance, lien or security interest. Seller warrants that the Goods shall fully conform to any and all specifications, descriptions, drawings, and data or samples of good material and workmanship and free from defects, and shall be fit or suitable for the use(s) or purchase(s) intended by Buyer.
Buyer shall make all claims, except for latent defects, regarding the Goods against Seller in writing as soon as reasonably practicable after arrival of the Goods at their final destination and unpacking and inspection thereof, whether by Buyer or Buyer’s customer(s).
Seller shall be responsible for latent defects of the Goods at any time after delivery, notwithstanding inspection and acceptance of the Goods whether by Buyer or Buyer’s customer(s), provided that a notice of claim shall be made as soon as reasonably practicable after discovery of such defects.
Buyer reserves the right to reject and refuse acceptance of all of part of any shipment of Goods which are not in accordance with specifications, descriptions, drawings, date, samples or models furnished to or Buyer or with Seller’s express or implied warranties.

8. Indemnity
Seller shall defend, indemnify and hold Buyer, Buyer’s customer(s), users of the Goods, and its or their officers and directors harmless from and against any liability, loss damage, penalty, cost, expense and disbursement (including attorney’s fees) or personal injury, death or property damage as a result of any claim or dispute caused by, due to or relating, in any way, to the Goods or any defect or malfunction thereof or any infringement of any patent, trademark, utility model, design, copyright, mask work or any other intellectual property rights in Japan or any other country, which indemnity shall survive the termination of this Contract.

9. General

(1) All disputes, controversies or differences arising out of or in relation to this Contract or the breach thereof which cannot be settled by mutual accord without undue delay shall be settled by mutual accord without undue delay shall be settled by arbitration in California, U.S.A., in accordance with the rules of procedure of the American Arbitration Association. The award of arbitration shall be final and binding upon both parties, and judgement on such award may be entered in any court or tribunal having jurisdiction thereof. This Contract shall be, in all respects, governed by and construed in accordance with the California State Law of U.S.A. The trade terms such as FOB, CFR, CIF, FCA, CPT, CIP, DDU, and DDP shall be interpreted in accordance with “INCOTERMS 2000”.
(2) The failure of Buyer at any time to require full the right of Buyer to enforce the same. The waiver by Buyer of any breach of any provision of this Contract shall not be construed as a waiver of any succeeding breach of such provision or waiver of the provision itself.
(3) This Contract constitutes the entire agreement between the parties hereto and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous communications or agreements or undertakings with regard to the subject matter hereof. This Contract may not be modified or terminated except by a written agreement of Seller and Buyer.
(4) Seller shall not transfer or assign this Contract or any part thereof without Buyer’s prior written consent.

下記契約書は、上記の[買契約書裏面約款]の 翻訳です。



1. 船積みもしくは引き渡し

2. 船舶

3. 価格

4. 諸経費

5. 不可抗力

6. 不履行
(i) 売主に本契約の規定の不履行、又は本契約中に明示もしくは黙示されている条件もしくは保証に対する違反があった場合、(ii)売主が、期日に支払わなければならなくなった債務を支払うことができない場合、(iii)売主が破産又は支払不能となった場合、又は(iv)売主、又は売主の資産もしくは財産上の主要部分について、管財人、管理人、又は清算人が任命された場合(以下「債務不履行」という)、買主は、その単独の裁量で、(i)本契約又は本契約の一部を終了し、(ii)対象商品を根絶し、(iii)買主が合理的とみなす時期及び価格で売主に代わって対象商品を処分し、及び価格で売主に請求することができるものとし、売主は空荷運賃、買主が対象商品を再販することにより得られる利益の損失、及び買主から対象商品を購入する顧客に生じる損害などいかなる費用や支出を含むがそれらに限らない債務不履行から直接的もしくは間接的に生じるすべての損失(額)又は損害(額)を買主に返済するものとする。本契約に基づく買主の権利及び救済は、法律上、衛平法上、又はその他の法上現存する買主の権利、権限、及び救済に付加され、かつ累積するものとする。

7. 保証

8. 補償

9. 通則
(1) 本契約もしくは本契約の違反より、又はそれらに関係して発生し、不当に遅延することなく相互の合意によって解決できない、すべての紛争、論争、又は意見の相違は、アメリカ仲裁協会の手続き規則に従い、アメリカ合衆国カリフォルニア州における仲裁により解決されるものとする。その仲裁裁定は最終的なものであり、かつ、両当事者を拘束するものとし、かかる仲裁裁定の執行判決は、それについて管轄を有するなどの裁判所又は裁決機関からも得ることができるものとする。本契約は、すべての点において、アメリカ合衆国カリフォルニア州法に準拠して解決されるものとするFOB,CFR,CIP,FCA,CPT,CIP,DDU及びDDPといった貿易条件は、「インコタームズ2000」に従って解釈されるものとする。

(2) 買主が売主に本契約の条件の完全な履行を要求しないことがあったとしても、それは買主のその履行を要求する権利に影響を与えるものではない。本契約の規定の違反に対して買主が権利を行使しなかったからといって、その後のかかる規定の違反に対しても権利を放棄したとみなされるものではなく、又はその規定自体の権利を放棄したとみなされるものでもない。

(3) 本契約は、本契約の当事者間における完全な合意を構成するものであり、本契約の内容に関する、従来の、又は現時点の申し合わせ、合意、又は約束の一切に優先する。本契約は、売主及び買主の書面による合意のある場合を除き、変更又は終了できないものとする。

(4) 売主は、買主の事前の書面による合意がある場合を除き、本契約の全部又は一部の権利を移転又は譲渡してはならないものとする。


(1) 第3条 価格


(2) 第4条 諸経費


(3) 第5条 不可抗力


(4) 第6条 不履行


(5) 第7条 保証


(6) 第8条 補償


(7) 第9条第1項 紛争処理方法


(8) 第9条第2項 権利放棄


(9) 第9条第4項 権利譲渡


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