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従って、英文法を学習しようと一般的に学生や社会人が購入する英文法の参考書、受験参考書としての英文法の解説本ではありません。本のタイトルが「新英文法概説」となっているのでややこしいですが、本の表紙に英文のタイトルで「A new Outline of English Grammer」となっています。



Cheers still ringing in her ears, she slipped out of the stage door.
Other things being equal, the difference in price should be decisive.
He talked on and on, the audience beginning (= and the audience began) to feel bored.
Her aunt having left the room, he declared his passionate love for Helen.
There being no objection, the proposal was accepted unanimously.

The ceremony over, the crowd dispersed.
Camp made, the boys settled down to relax.

Looking out of the windows, the mountains were beautiful.
Being not yet fully grown (=As he was not yet fully grown), his trousers were too long.
Walking in Hyde Park, it’s hard to believe you’re in the middle of big city.

Strictly speaking, this sentence is not grammatical.
We are, biologically speaking, exactly half our father and half our mother.
Talking of traveling ( = Apropos of traveling), have you ever been to Athens?


This kind of work cannot be done sitting down,
Facing north, there is a large mountain on the right.

With darkness closing in, the rescue party decided to break off the search.
She was learning against the wall with him facing her.
It’s terribly noisy living near the airport, with planes coming over all the time.

What a lonely world it would be with you (being) away!
With our children at school, we cannot take our vacations when we want to.
I cannot live on my wages with prices what they are.

He looked remarkably well, his skin clear and smooth.
Far from giving in or showing any sense of shame, he walked about with airs, his head up.



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